Coliseum Sports Media

A pioneering New Zealand-based new media company that specializes in the digital distribution of sports content to a variety of web-based devices.

Coliseum Sports Media (CSM) is a digital media company specializing in the online distribution of live and on-demand sports. CSM unbundles traditional sports broadcasting models so that viewers can pay to access content on a per day or per season basis.

Shortly after inception, CSM won the sought after New Zealand broadcasting rights to the English Premier League, delivering soccer matches to subscribers through the web platform Then in partnership with the PGA Tour in 2015, it introduced PGATourLive to New Zealand, the first-ever streaming subscription service of PGA events, and WorldGolfPass, a dedicated golf channel that features some of the world’s biggest tournaments including the LPGA, European Tour and Ryder Cup.

In mid-2015, Spark New Zealand purchased 50% of Coliseum’s New Zealand business to form the joint venture Lightbox Sport that, in conjunction with CSM, broadcasts the Premier League, PGA Tour and many other global sports events.

Flawless delivery is a cornerstone of CSM’s approach, with content delivered via a live streaming platform developed by NeuLion, which already delivers over 40,000 sports events per year, including for the NFL, NBA and NHL.