Private Equity

Financial Services

Cooper and Company invests in financial services companies with scaleable business models that leverage long-term worldwide growth in investment products and asset management.

Investment firm that specializes in enhanced index funds and engineered products for institutional investors and investment advisors.
Leading provider of risk management, data, analytic and pricing services for fixed-income financial products.


Cooper and Company is a major investor in Calnetix technologies, developer of energy-efficient power solutions. We have worked with Calnetix to establish a portfolio of spin-off companies, designed to harness the potential of its patented technologies.

Manufacturer of waste heat recovery power generation systems for the oil and gas market.
The world leader in the development and manufacture of innovative high-speed, energy-efficient electric motors and generators.
Manufacturer of new-generation flywheel energy storage systems for uninterruptible power supply applications


Cooper and Company is an investor in Coliseum Sports Media, which utilizes cutting edge digital technology to deliver sports content to subscribers both live and on-demand.

A pioneering New Zealand-based new media company that specializes in the digital distribution of sports content to a variety of web-based devices.