Cooper and company was founded by Peter Cooper. We seek to invest in assets that are inherently scalable and that justify long-term investment commitment. We select defendable opportunities that can achieve strong ongoing growth and sustainable returns over time.


Cooper and Company is a private investment company, established in 1989, that develops and invests in assets on a long-term ownership basis. Our organization has offices in three locations: Newport Beach, California; Auckland, New Zealand; and Southlake, Texas.
We operate in two main areas: real estate, where we develop, manage and own real estate assets in the United States and New Zealand; and private equity, where we structure and build long-term private equity assets and partnerships, with a particular focus on energy and financial services.
Our practice is built around the legal and financial structuring expertise of our executive team. We emphasize personal integrity, commitment, hard work and discretion, and are committed to the highest standards of delivery in everything we do.