Real Estate

Southlake Town Square

The Downtown and heart of the community for Southlake, Texas, modeled on the layout and traditions of an historic American town.

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Calnetix Technologies

Calnetix is the world leader in the development and manufacture of high speed, energy efficient industrial electric drive and generation systems. These systems combine Calnetix’s patented high-speed electric motors and generators, magnetic bearings and power electronics, and are unmatched globally in speed, efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness

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Upwing Energy

Upwing Energy is a spin off from parent company Calnetix Technologies, focused on developing technology to increase the output of natural gas wells using artificial lift.

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Sapphire Technologies

Sapphire Technologies is a spin off from parent company Calnetix Technologies, focused on developing, manufacturing and selling energy recovery systems for both natural gas and hydrogen industrial and commercial applications.


Financial Services

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional Fund Advisors is a leading global asset management firm serving institutions, financial advisors, retirement plans, sovereign wealth funds, and other investors. The firm builds and manages strategies to help clients pursue higher expected returns in the capital markets.

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With offices in Washington DC and Stamford CT, RiskSpan provides data and analytics technology to the global fixed income markets. Its cloud-based system Edge integrates data, analytics and risk and pricing models to deliver predictive and operational insight to customers who hold and trade complex structured securities in commercial banking, capital markets and structured finance. RiskSpan has been a pioneer in the integration of ‘big data’ and machine learning in the cloud for financial services. This increases the amount and speed of portfolio analysis, and allows clients to make far more precise and accurate risk predictions.

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