Southlake Town Square

The new ‘downtown’ and heart of the community for Southlake in northern Texas, modeled on the layout and traditions of an historic American town.

Southlake Town Square is a 130-acre town centre and mixed-use development in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, modeled on a traditional American town and built from the ground up by Cooper and Company.

Created as a new 'downtown' for the city of Southlake and northeast Tarrant County, Town Square is designed on a people-friendly urban scale. Its buildings are linked by public squares, plazas and parks to create a strong sense of community and place.

Southlake Town Square opened in 1999 to acclaim from local residents and the international urban planning and development communities, and it has continued to be expanded in sequential phases.

Today it comprises over 1.4 million square feet, housing a wide range of shops, offices, cafes and restaurants, a Town Hall, library, Post Office, 14-screen movie theatre, a Hilton hotel and a neighborhood of luxury brownstone residences.

With its already well-established traditions, events and festivals, Southlake Town Square has become the heart of the community and a destination for the surrounding areas. Cooper and Company remains involved in Town Square as the long-term developer.

With an estimated 2 million square feet left to develop, Southlake Town Square presents a compelling opportunity for growth and remains the company's primary focus.