Kingi and The Libraries

The creation of The Hotel Britomart also involved the rejuvenation of three adjacent heritage warehouses. One of these, Masonic House, contains kingi, a restaurant created in collaboration with chef Tom Hishon.

Kingi’s name is an abbreviation for kingfish, and a reference to the restaurant’s focus on celebrating sustainably caught seafood. Tom Hishon’s philosophy with food is to celebrate terroir in the same way this concept is venerated in the world of wine: to create dishes whose ingredients are redolent of the unique locations in which they were harvested.

The all-day eatery also serves as the restaurant for The Hotel Britomart, offering guests an immersion in easy-going New Zealand food that reinforces the hotel’s goal of imparting a strong sense of place.

Above kingi is The Libraries, a suite of intimate rooms which are available to private clients and guests of The Landing Suites at the hotel. The Libraries are comprised of an art-filled lounge, a high-ceilinged Wine Library for wine tastings, and a Chef’s Library that serves as a private dining space offering bespoke menus which change daily. A larger function space at the eastern end of the building can host gatherings of up to 50 people, who share access to all the amenities of the floor.