Dimensional Fund Advisors is a leading global asset management firm serving institutions, financial advisors, retirement plans, sovereign wealth funds, and other investors. The firm builds and manages strategies to help clients pursue higher expected returns in the capital markets.

Dimensional has a long history of financial innovation. In response to investors’ need to diversify beyond large cap equities, the firm launched its first strategy in 1981 based on research documenting the stronger performance of US small cap stocks. Over the years, Dimensional has responded to new research and client needs to build a full suite of global equity, fixed income, commodity, and real estate strategies.

The firm collaborates with leading financial academics to identify the latest ideas that can benefit investors. Dimensional applies a dynamic process that integrates research with methodical portfolio design and careful implementation while balancing related investment tradeoffs.

Its latest endeavor is the launch of Exhange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) portfolios which enable tax effective mobility in the form of ‘synthetic’ stocks.

Dimensional is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has trading and client service offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. The firm manages approximately US$600 billion for investors worldwide.