Sapphire Technologies

Sapphire Technologies is a spin off from parent company Calnetix Technologies, focused on developing, manufacturing and selling energy recovery systems for both natural gas and hydrogen industrial and commercial applications. Calnetix is known for its disruptive innovations in high-speed motors and generators, magnetic bearings and power electronics for a variety of applications and industries. These technologies are being applied by Sapphire in its FreeSpin™ In-line Turboexpanders (FIT), which are specifically designed to convert the energy wasted in pressure reduction processes into clean electric power, potentially reducing carbon emissions in industrial operations.

Sapphire closed its Series A funding round in 2021, led by Cooper and Company in conjunction with Equinor Ventures and Chevron Technology Ventures to scale up manufacturing and distribution of its FreeSpin™ systems for pressure let-down applications.

Sapphire’s FIT systems are currently installed in pressure reduction stations in Italy and Japan and additional units are expected to be commissioned in 2022 and 2023 at customers sites.